Early adventures in arguments – PPT Slide

Because one must always remember that students just starting out in philosophy mostly have minimal exposure to “argument” technique in the UK’s formal education system beyond the possibility of some Philosophy 4 Children, English lessons in which rhetoric is prioritized as an “argumentative” move, and a general exposure to “having an argument”, here are some slides I put together to introduce students to:

  1.  What is an argument?
  2. How does one identify the bits of an argument? (Using Monty Python’s “But how do you know she’s a witch?” scene with Sir Bedevere from The Holy Grail as a good example of a (bad) argument, and remaining very cursory for new students)
  3. How does one evaluate an argument?

These slides would have been buttressed by discussion in various ways which I may supplement here later, but for now I suspect someone may find at least the graphical walkthrough of the Monty Python argument useful.

The slideshare doesn’t reflect the clickthrough “animation” of the slides, so download a version of the file below if you’d like to see these.

Feel free to download and use these slides in accordance with our CC licensing.  Below you’ll find links to .pptx, .ppt and .pdf formats.

Arguments (pptx version)
Arguments (ppt version)
Arguments (pdf version)


What are your thoughts?

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